The Art of Mourning



Rwoman with birdThis hands-on workshop offers a safe, non-judgmental environment using meditation, collage-making, expressive drawing, self-reflective writing and group discussion to work with any loss and grief in your life. When you experience loss, whether it be the death of a loved one, loss of health, divorce, death of a beloved pet, planetary issues, aging, losing a job, or unresolved grief from your past, art-making can be a creative way of focusing on, expressing and working with those losses.  (No art experience necessary)

  • Express your grief creatively
  • Learn constructive ways to work with loss & grief
  • Develop greater insight and compassion for yourself and others

Giving expression and honoring the sorrows as well as the joys of life can open you to a deeper authenticity where compassion for yourself and others naturally occurs, helping you to find jewels hidden in the well of grief.

“Creative Expression can change a person’s perceptions of the world: their attitude, emotional state, and pain-perception.  It can transform their outlook and way of being in the world, create hope and help cope with difficulties”

Michael Samuels,  MD