The Drawing Journal-Working with Illness

People with life-limiting or life-threatening illness, and chronic pain, are confronted with a wide range of challenges, of which physical illness is only one. An array of emotional, interpersonal and spiritual issues often surface,which can include feelings of powerlessness, guilt, shame, fear, vulnerability, anxiety, grief and a loss of identity.

When individuals facing these circumstances are given an opportunity to express themselves creatively, it has the potential to catalyze deep life-changing insight and transformation which may positively affect emotional and physical well-being.

“Creative expression can be very powerful when combined with traditional and/or alternative medical care. I encourage people to engage in creative expression to supplement your overall healthcare plan and incorporate it into their daily life as preventative care.”

Bernie Siegel MD, author, Prescriptions for Living

This workshop is imaginative, explorative and soul evoking. We use visual arts, drawing, collage and writing and meditation to give expression and bring deeper awareness to our lives.  No art experience necessary because we are not concerned about the craftsmanship of the visual art, the grammar and style of the writing. Instead, we are interested in freeing our child like spirit which may have been suppressed for years by trying to “make a tree look like a tree’ rather than experiencing the feeling of the tree, it’s movement,  patterns and colors that are uniquely your own invention and that reflect and express the soul of who you are.

This gives us an opportunity to  hear and see what is hidden from view which then gives us greater insight to ourselves by revealing the symbolic and metaphoric messages hidden in our unconscious.