Green Mountain Artsfounded by Robin Sierra, Creativity Specialist, Grief Counselor and Fine Artist, offers the following workshops for expressing your creativity along with those on navigating loss and grief using creative processes to find “meaningful ways to speak of sorrow” so we can find the jewels hidden in the well of grief.


We offer both private and public workshops for groups and organizations.

Loss and Grief Workshops

The Art of Mourning

A Creative Way of Navigating Loss and Grief

Rwoman with bird

This hands-on workshop offers a safe, non-judgmental environment using meditation, collage-making, expressive drawing, self-reflective writing and group discussion to work with loss and grief in your life.  (No art experience needed)

When you experience loss, whether it be the death of a loved one, loss of health, divorce, death of a beloved pet, youth, a job, or unresolved grief from your past, art-making can be a creative way of focusing on, expressing and working with those losses.

      • Express your grief creatively
      • Learn constructive ways to work with loss & grief
      • Develop greater insight and compassion for yourself and others

Giving expression and honoring the sorrows as well as the joys of life can open you to a deeper authenticity where compassion for yourself and others naturally occurs, helping you to find jewels hidden in the well of grief. Click here to see our Loss and Grief page

Navigating Loss and Grief for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are routinely faced with issues of serious illness, death, loss and grief.  Click here to learn more.

The Drawing Journal – Working with Illness

People with life-limiting or life-threatening illness, and chronic pain, are confronted with a wide range of challenges, of which physical illness is only one. This workshop is imaginative, explorative and soul evoking. We use visual arts, drawing, collage and writing and meditation to give expression and bring deeper awareness to our lives. Click here to learn more.

Navigating the Holidays

During the holidays, or significant dates (anniversaries or birthdays) issues may arise  for people dealing with issues of loneliness and isolation as well as grief and it is important for the bereaved to find ways to take care of themselves. Click here to learn more.